Training Centres



•        Opening courses in order to ensure that personnel working in industrial organizations adapt themselves to the changing and developing technology and production conditions, and to be able to contribute to increase of production, quality and productivity.

•        Training qualified personnel, who are the real requirement of the industrialist, by ensuring promotion of advanced production technologies,

•        Providing vocational training service to industrial organizations both in organized industrial zone and small industrial area,

•        Training unemployed youth and youth without profession as qualified personnel required by the industry, and helping them to establish their own business or find jobs in their professional areas,

•        Supporting researchers,

•        Revealing and developing the entrepreneurial talents of our people.



Training activities in Elginkan Foundation Vocational and Technical Training Centres are carried out under 3 major topics as Development and Adaptation Courses, Vocational Courses and Total Quality Management Seminars. Trainings are provided by permanent trainers of training centres, technical teachers of vocational high schools connected to the Ministry of National Education, and university lecturers.

Trainees are subjected to examination at the end of Development and Adaptation Courses, and successful trainees are awarded with 'Certificate of Achievement' approved by the Ministry of National Education. Participators of seminars are awarded with 'Seminar Participation Certificate' at the end of the seminar.

A total of 354.503 people have been provided training since their opening by Aug 31 2015, with 210.365 in Manisa, 67.813 in Bolu and 76.325 in İzmit.



Several Vocational Courses Provided

•        Armature Assembly and Maintenance and Repair

•        Maintenance, Repair and Assembly of Devices Operating with Natural Gas Technology and Natural Gas

•        Basic Electricity

•        Domestic Appliances Assembly, Repair and Management

•        Room Heaters Assembly, Repair and Management

•       Central Heating Boiler Assembly and Maintenance and Repair

•       Air Conditioner Assembly and Maintenance and Repair



Several Development and Adaptation Courses Provided

•        Hydraulic-Pneumatic

•        Measurement-Control Information

•        Plastic Injection Pattern Making

•        Sheet-Metal Pattern Making

•        Machining Manufacturing Technique

•        CNC Operating

•        Basic Technical Drawing

•        AutoCAD

•        Unigraphics NX3 CAD

•        Unigraphics NX3 CAD

•        Unigraphics NX6

•        Moldwizard and Sheet Metal+Progressive Die Wizard

•        Solidworks

•        Textile Machines Applications

•        Automatic Control

•        Compensation in Power Circuits

•        Electro-Pneumatic and PLC Applications

•        Basic Electronics

•        Digital and Industrial Electronics

•        Pre-accountancy

•        Accounting Techniques

•        Entrepreneurship

•        Elocution

•        First Aid and Rescue

•        Electric Arc and Oxygen Welding

•        Inert-Gas Welding (MIG-MAG and TIG-Argon)

•        Natural Gas Steel Pipe Welding

•        Natural Gas Fitting and Plumbing

•        Computer Courses

               -Windows-Office (Word-Excel)



               -Computer hardware

               -Web Page Design

               -Database (Access)

•        Basic Electronics

•        Digital and Industrial Electronics

•        Pre-accountancy

•        Accounting Techniques

•        Entrepreneurship

•        Elocution

•        First Aid and Rescue

•        Electric Arc and Oxygen Welding

•        Inert-Gas Welding (MIG-MAG and TIG-Argon)

•        Natural Gas Steel Pipe Welding

•        Natural Gas Fitting and Plumbing

•        Computer Courses

o   Windows-Office (Word-Excel)

o   Internet-PowerPoint

o   Computer hardware

o   Database (Access)

o   Photoshop

o   Corel Draw

o   Graphics-Animation

o   Web Programming with Php


Several Seminars Provided

•     Total Quality Management

•     Globalization and Competitive Power in Globalization

•     Time Management

•     Problem Solving Techniques

•     Human Resources Management

•     In-house Communication

•     Productivity Increasing Techniques

•     Crisis Management

•     Marketing, Communication and Public Relations, Advertisement and Promotion

•     Brand Management Process (Creating Successful Brands)

•     Analysis of Possible Errors

•     CV Preparation and Interview Techniques

•     TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

•     Benchmarking

•     Statistical Process Management and Improvement

•     TS EN ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System

•     In-house Quality Supervisor

•     Change and Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)

•     Office Management (Filing and Achieving Techniques)

•     OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Work Safety Management System

•     5 S Principles

•     6 Sigma

•     Non-verbal Communication (Body Language)

•     NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

•     Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Systems

•     Basic Calibration

•     Increase of Efficiency in Production Method

•     Effective Team Work

•     How to Motivate Employees

•     Business and Human Relations

•     Effective Presentation Techniques

•     Leadership and Motivation in Contemporary Management

•     Domestic Communication

•     Customer Satisfaction in Service

•     HACCP (TS EN ISO 22000 Safe Food Production Management System)

•     Active Learning