Our Elginkan Holding Human Resource Policy is carried out in line with the Aims and Principles of the Elginkan Community.

Together with its employees, Elginkan Community aims to transform the Community Companies into European companies first, and then world companies; and become an ETERNAL ORGANIZATION by creating value in Turkish economy, business life, work ethics and social cultural norms

Our principle Human First” in line with our aim of becoming an eternal organization forms the foundation of our Human Resources Policy

Our principle 'Human First' ensures effective, contemporary and fair functioning of our Elginkan Holding Human Resources System, and determines our strategic targets towards our human resource.

Our principle 'Human First' proceeds with the philosophy that the best investment is the investment made in human. It is our target to benefit from talents, manpower and creativity of our employees, increasing their productivity, enabling them to develop and create an environment where information transfer and sharing is ensured.

It is our strategic target to enhance individual and team performance through processes and systems that constantly improve service and production quality, and providing employees with equal career and professional development opportunities.

The corner stone of our management philosophy is development of the feeling of ownership and prioritizing entrepreneurial spirit.  

Our principle 'Human First' is our corporate value not only towards the companies of the Elginkan Community but also towards serving the society. In this direction, we:

- Provide training opportunities to the young, unemployed, handicapped, and those aiming professional and personal development through the channel of the Elginkan Foundation Professional and Technical Training Centres,

- Prepare our interns to business life by gaining them work experience,

- Help university students complete their education by offering them scholarship opportunity.

Our principle 'Human First' is also in harmony with the principles of the Elginkan Community 'Being Together for Years', 'Healthy Growth' and 'Our Righteousness is the Basis of our Existence'.